About us

Migrant Centre is an interface created for communication, provision of information and consulting

This site will serve as support for the information that is of interest to the citizens of the non-EU states  (areas including Asia / the Middle and the Far East, as well as South-Eastern Europe), as well as information that is of interest on a centralized european level.

Our field of expertise covers residence permits, obtaining and extending residence permits, with a vast experiene in obtaining work permits, by offering legal assistance on all types of visas and permits.

We manage the collection and submission of the files for the extension of the residence permits, we come to the assistance of our clients in their relation with the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

Through the partnership that our team has established with the representatives of the civil society / public institutions in Romania, Migrant Center has set upon itself to identify those judicial solutions that are needed in order to surmount legal restrictions, in a joint purpose of developing the economic and social relations between Romania and the non-EU countries.

Services offered to foreign citizens in Romania:

We are specialized in obtaining and extension of the right of residence for foreigners, we have extensive experience in obtaining work permits. We provide legal assistance on all types of visas.

We deal in preparing files for the extension of the right to stay, assist clients in submitting and we represent foreigners in relation to The General Inspectorate for Immigration.

Services supplied by our team include

  • The extension of residence permits for all purposes foreseen by GEO 194/2002 , ammended  ( Government Emergency Ordinance 92 / 2002);
  • The procurement and approvals necessary for the issuance of long-permanent residence;
  • The procurement and approvals necessary for the issuance of work permits, required for employment purposes, by companies with registered office in Romania, for their foreign citizen employees.
  • The procurement and approvals necessary for the issuance of  work permits for nationals that have been relocated.
  • Assistance and representation with the General Inspectorate for Immigration for the issuance or extension of all types of visas.
  • Assistance with respect to the filing and submission of the file for obtaining Romanian citizenship, appeals for those resolutions of return, on business grounds or accounts of marriage of convenience.
  • Representation with the Centre for Aliens, in Otopeni.

We offer our assistance with the issuance of the following types of visa

  • Long-stay visa for employment purposes
  • Long-stay visa for the development of commercial activities
  • Long-stay visa for other purposes
  • Long-stay visa for nationals of other countries, family members of romanian citizens
  • Long-stay visa for family reunification
  • Long-stay visa for the performane of economic activities
  • For the development of economic activities
  • Long-stay visa for the performance of profession-related activities
  • Study-related long-stay visa
  • Long-stay visa for the performance of humanitarian and religious activities
  • Short-stay visas
  • Filing of appeals to resolutions of return to home countries
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