Short stay visa

If you are a non-EU / EES citizen and want to travel to Romania for a short timespan, you must first obtain an entry visa, in case you are coming from states which are required an entry visa for their residents.


Short-stay visas grant you the right to request entry into Romania, for other reasons than immigration, for an uninterrupeted stay or for more stays, for which the duration shall not exceed 90 days, within a maximum timespan of 6 months from the date of the first entry. This type of visa can be issued for one or several entries.

It is also your travel documentation (passport) that you need to ensure compliance, with the following criteria: that it is valid for a period of at least 3 months, from the date you are expected to leave Romania (for emergencies, this provision can be disregarded) and has been issued in the past 10 years.


Please consult the list of states for which the nationals do not require a visa in order to enter Romania;

Please consult the list of states for which the nationals do require a visa in order to enter Romania;


From those countries that are registered as needing visa to enter into Romania, for their nationals, there are some cases in which an invitation approved by the General Inspectorate for Immigration is required. Thi invitation can be done by a physical or  legal person, by a romanian citizen or an alien who has residence in Romania (please see the list of states what require their nationals to obtain an invitation in order to be granted an entry visa into Romania).


The short-stay visa gives you the right to visit Romania for a limited period of time and cannot be extended. If you wish to extend you stay for a longer period of time, you must get a long-stay visa and subsequently, a residence permit for Romania.


The short-term visa can be obtained from the diplomatic bodies and the consular offices in Romania (please consult the list detailing these bodies and offices).


The right to residence granted by a short-term visa cannot be extended. Nevertheless, should it be the case that, for objective reasons, you cannot leave Romania within the term foreseen by your visa, you can obtain a resolution of return, from the territorial factions within the General Inspectorate for Immigration, a document that allows you to stay in Romania for a period up to  days.

The tax for the visa is 60 Euro and is paid with the state authorities where the request is filed.

Types of visa

See the list of documents necessary for obtaining the short term residence visa, depending on the purpose of your arrival in Romania:
– Tourism
– Visitation
– Business
– Transportation
– Sports activities
– Cultural, scientific, humanitarian activities, short term medical treatment or other activities which do not violate the Romanian laws

If the short term residence visa is conditioned by the procurement of the invitationIf you are the holder of a simple Passport, you can obtain the short term residence visa for one or several trips if you submit a written invitation (click here for the pattern) to the diplomatic missions and consular offices, endorsed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, from a Romanian natural or legal person.

The invitation, accompanied by a series of documents, function on its purpose, will be collected, filled in in two counterparts and submitted at the headquarters of the territorial formations of the Romanian Office for Immigration, for endorsement purposes.

See the list of documents necessary for the endorsement of the invitation in the purpose of coming to Romania:

Invitations will be approved within 60 days since the submission thereof.

In case the invitation is approved, a counterpart thereof will be handed over to the inviting person, which will transmit it to you. You will submit the invitation, in original, to the diplomatic mission or to the consular office, accompanied by the other documents, in order to obtain the Romanian visa. You must apply for the visa within 30 days since the approval of your invitation, otherwise it loses validity.

The inviting person, either a natural or a legal person, will bear the expenses incurred for the removal of the invited foreign citizens off the Romanian territory. The invitation represents an enforcing title in case the invited foreign citizen does not leave Romania by the date of expiry of his/her residence right, established in the visa.

Exceptions concerning the short term residence visa

There are certain situations when you no longer need the invitation endorsed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration in order to obtain a short term residence visa, in which case you will request the visa from the diplomatic missions or consular offices based on an invitation authenticated by a Notary Public. (See the exceptions of the invitation procedure).

In the purpose of obtaining a short term residence visa, the Ministry of External Affairs usually requests the endorsement of the General Inspectorate for Immigration (this is an internal procedure), thus the term for granting the visa being extended. The General Inspectorate for Immigration issues the endorsement for the short term residence visa within 7 working days since the reception of the request, and in very well grounded cases, the term can be extended by additional 7 working days. However, there are cases when such endorsement is no longer necessary. (See the list of exceptions of the endorsement granted by The General Inspectorate for Immigration).

You can enter in Romania without a visa in case you belong to one of the following situations:

  • you are a family member of a EU/EEA citizen and you hold a residence permit for this purpose in a EU/EEA State;
  • you hold a valid permanent residence permit in a EU/EEA State;
  • you hold a valid visa for a State belonging to the Schengen Area, in which case you can cross the Romanian territory (maximum 5 days stay);
  • you hold a permit for small border traffic, issued in accordance with the E.G.O. no. 194/2002 concerning the regime of foreign citizens in Romania and the Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EC) no. 1931/2006 of 20th of December 2006 laying down the rules on local border traffic at the external land borders of the Member States and amending the provisions of the Schengen Convention, if you exert your circulation right, in line with the small border traffic regime.
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